This just In: Pierre Balmain Casual…

Edgy streetwear in the mini-luxe category makes its debut this collections week.  Shown in the showroom with a few models modeling in a street/cas style, the line appears to be a great mix of rocker, street, luxe all wrapped up in pieces that are going to add to anyone’s wardrobe.
We’re already BALMAIN fans…so it was just a matter of time for them to put this all together for those of us who are not currently shopping for couture. But, I want something I can wear for a few seasons and not be so much in fashion that I’m either “IN” or “OUT”  as Heidi Klum says.  After all, with this economy who knows?  Some pieces range in price from DKNY levels to a few things at the top like the leather jacket.  Of course, we wish other lines would do this…because its great to mix and match the “high” with the “low”  in our closets. French fashion houses are always in danger of becoming too rich, to fat, and to slow to run with the youth market and this has a perfect ring to it. Also,  for the new emerging markets like CHINA or BRAZIL where the pocketbooks are flush with cash, and the kids love fashion they can afford, wear, and mix around for fun
it makes sense for a very established almost….historic brand to emerge as some thing new, fresh and fun.    Bravo!