Latest Patterns in Fashion: We’re in!

We love how patterns have appeared in the last two seasons Fall/Winter and now in the Springtime looks for 2012.   Its a refreshing change to add to our already dedicated closet of black, tan, beige, gray.  We’re all about property ladies handbags and this one by YSL is perfect for those little black basics done in a computerized houndstooth that brings it right to a sort of digital chic.

Also, the snake trend, sure, we saw it before but in the hands of Tom Ford its practically new and fresh we’re sure you’ll agree that getting a bit “snakey”is the way to add a fresh up-do to your already back-in-black closet basics. Worn with sheer black tights, matte tights, or even those nude fishnets we’re sure you’ll be date-ready or business sexy no matter what you need to do.

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