Hair Follies at the Met Gala 2015:  

Hair Trends  from New York’s biggest Night Out:  Fabulous at Every Age

From historic China to a Follies Bergere Review the hairstyles at the Met Gala were an inspiring mix of feast and famine.  The array of gorgeous headdresses in gold or fire or jewels were the look of the evening for those willing to take the risk.  Sara Jessica Parker led the charge With the headdress that took over the Social media waves as a representation for a variety of super heroes and anime characters.  Golden flowers and princess crowns as well as queenly Tiaras have brought back exotic headgear to the fashion mainstream.  For those of us already in the entertainment business,  we completely understand; the girls took to the Met steps carpet with nothing  less than Vegas-worthy  headgear that could have been worn on the stage at the Follies Bergere which always features a wide carpeted stairway.  The sheer scale of the museum entrance at this Gala highlights the theme of the affair itself: a fundraiser for the museum’s costume institute.  Fashion has long embraced the art form  of the costume but few took fashion seriously.  The museum has to thank the great Diana Vreeland, its first curator.  Anna Wintour has taken the reigns and made this the biggest Fashion “Trend-fest” of the year.  So, finally the world of fashion and costume can co-exist where they should be: as unique cultural art forms that work together.

Hairstyles beneath a headdress can be as simple or as complex as the headpiece itself. Hairstyles can be used as a simple backdrop or entwined directly with the piece and its design.  The girls at the met opted for both unique hair decorations and simply gorgeous blow outs or chignons and simple buns that highlighted gorgeous lip colors and satin complexions. There is always a partnership between the art of hair design, make up and costume. At the Met Gala, I look for this partnership and delight in the ingenuity of the creators and their creations.

Here is a wrap up of our favorite looks:

  • Chic chignons and low twists
  • Madmen Updos and Buns
  • Chinese style headpieces with hairup-do’s
  • Long Layered Styles blown out with product
  • Straight flat ironed with blunt cuts shoulder length 
  • Short and flat ironed or cropped at shoulders
  • Short waved 1930s starlets via ‘Jessica Chastain’
  • Hollywood sexy “Cher Style” Waves
  • Ponytails a “la Beyonce”
  • Beach waves a “La Jennifer Lawrence”
  • (Images are credited to Yahoo Style) 
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