Ahhhh. The 1970s.  Lauren Hutton top model, super glossy lips, gold eye shadow, metallic lurex sweaters and studio 54.  There was also a Clinique beauty product, Black Honey lipglos “in a pot” where it all  started. Can a color be that good? Can a formula be that perfect?  Beauty and fashion editors are often wrong about what they prefer because they live in a world that is apart from the rest of us. But in this case, they are spot on. What has made this a favorite of everyone is how good is looks  on literally, EVERYONE.  I was worried at first when they changed the formula from lipgloss in a pot to a lip stain. Would the color and transparency be the same?  Clinique solved this by making this a more modern take on a 70’s classic.  Plus, if I want to reach for the 1970s vibe I can add a clear gloss on top.  Done.